When it comes to Malaysian/Thai food in Great Vancouver area, “Tropika” probably is on the top list around town. The first restaurant was opened in 1990. They serve mixture of Malaysia, Singapore, & Thai cuisine.

It is quite interesting to visit this restaurant. There are many interesting little decoration elements in this restaurant. Not too overly complicate, but enough to make you look twice. The lights imprint on the table is a good example what you will find here.

[Bak Kut Teh] was originally from Hokkien area. The word “Bak” means meat, and “Kut” mean bone in Hokkien. Here is interesting fact where “The” comes from it’s inventor. The name last character of the inventor is “ground”. In Hokkien, the pronunciation of “ground” and “tea” is very close. After many years, it became the name of this dish.
This dish is mixture of meat, bone, chinese medicine herbs and spices. Then slow cook them for hours. In Malaysia, people do eat this as their breakfast because of it’s nutritional value and ease to make. During cold winter days, having a bowl of Bak Kut Teh do really warm you up.

chicken, beef, pork, lamb are your choice. Comes with peanut cause. Minimum of 6 sticks. What’s not to love BBQ meat on sticks and peanut sauce!

[Singapore Style Seafood Fried Rice Vermicelli]

[Chicken Cubes with cashew nuts]

[Samba Bunchies]
Green Beans with spicy prawns and coconut milk with a dash of samba sauce.

[Goreng Pisang]
DEEP FRIEND BANANA! enough said.

Hours: 11am – 10pm Daily
Website: http://www.tropika-canada.com/

Unit 1830, Aberdeen Centre
4151 Hazelbridge Way
Richmond, BC, Canada V6X 4J7

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