[Eat Vancouver] Chewies Steam and Oyster Bar

The other day at work, co-workers and I were chatting about food. Then someone brought up southern deep friend chicken & Waffles. Like many people when you first hear of this combination you probably will say, “Are you kidding me!? How can that work?” I too was on the same boat until I tried it many years ago and got hooked on it. The only problem is, there aren’t many places that service this dishes. Until one of my coworker told me about “Chewies”.

Now, I think I just found my new number 1 breakfast place in Vancouver.

As soon as we enter the door, we were greeted by friendly host. Very welcoming and pleasant especially this is our first time here.

I like how it looks and feels in the restaurant.

We were seated @ the Oyster Bar. If you are in for a great fun and food experience, I do recommend to seat at the oyster bar. Bartenders are very charming and great fun to chat with. Extremely informative and friendly.

Menu is very simple and straight forward. It is also stick on a piece of wood. Sometimes we don’t see all the time. I do like that. You can read about their menu online : here

Oyster are one of their specialty. Very Fresh and yummy. We ordered some Kusshi & Summer Breeze Oyster. It comes with your usual fresh lemon, horseradish, and homemade sauces(chili, cocktail sauce, and Champagne sauce). Try the Champagne sauce, it’s very different. refreshing and goes very well with oyster.

This is “Fat Bastard Summer Breeze Oyster” from Washington States. Very creamy and meaty. After taste is very smooth. You can really taste the freshness of ocean. This is what fresh Oyster is all about. Mmmm…. I can still taste it now.

Friend of mine ordered the Braised Short Rib Hash. Looks really yummy, sadly I don’t eat beef.

Southern Fried Chicken and Waffles. This is what got me here in the first place. The southern chicken is very crispy and crunchy with some of the cajun honey butter and bite size of waffle all mix in. Yum yum~ The only thing was, I kinda wish it was belgium waffle. I guess I am too spoiled. Honestly, even without the belgium waffle I will still come back for this.

Daily Feature Frittata. This is recommended by bartender. Man, that almond pesto sauce had us at the first sight. It was really creamy and the smell of almond and basil and herbs in it. Then mix with roasted red papers and sausages. What’s not to love about this dish.

This is what I call a great restaurant. It doesn’t need to be super fancy or luxury. Welcoming space, friendly and helpful people serving you, and fresh good quality yummy food. All of these combine together to create this unique harmony of food experience. That is why I am putting Chewies as my top new favourite restaurant in Vancouver. I am coming back again very soon.

Chewies Steam and Oyster Bar

shuck & suck from 5-7
with local oysters from $1.50

Southern, New Orleans style brunch
starting Jan 7th
(and continuing every saturday sunday from 10am – 2pm.)

ph. (604) 558-4448

fax. (604) 558-4449

2201 West 1st Ave. Vancouver BC Canada

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  1. Let me try this again because my last comment didn’t make it in. I love Chewies. Been there before. I really want to try the fried chicken and waffles but just haven’t gotten up the courage to do so. Seems an odd pair, but I’ve heard good things. Next time maybe I’ll go for it!

  2. SIB, I think your comments proved every single one of my obvetsarions. Are those the best responses you could come up with? Sad, pathetic and delusional responses. What colour is the sky in your world – red?

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