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2014-09-19 Project Smurf – Finally! It’s legal to run on Taiwan Street.

2014-09-19 下午四點,經歷漫長的四個多月的時間,Project Smurf 終於掛上台灣的車牌,正式合法上路!

這一段時間的過程經歷,我會慢慢把它寫出來分享。不過,再此之前,我想先好好帶著 Project Smurf 熟悉一下台灣環境 XD
One of my favorite view after a day of hard work

2014-05-01 Project Smurf – The Long Trip to Taiwan

2014-05-01 這是一個紀念性的日子,Project Smurf 在這天搭船出發,回台灣!

為此,我特別把 Project Smurf 洗乾淨。
Post track day clean up done.

先前的定位設定問題,也特別把手上有的 Camber Bolt 補了一祖上去前面的懸掛,重新調整,做了我理想中的完美設定。
Alignment Read Out 20140423
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2013-07-27 VCMC AutoX#5

This is the last AutoX events before the 2013 ASN Canadian Autoslalom Championship Presented by Toyo Tires this year.

To prepare for the AutoX, ASR helped with upgraded springs for my KW V3 and ASR camber plates. The front springs are 600lbs/in and the rear is 800lbs/in Continue reading

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